WinGT - the world famous windows packet program

If you don't know what WinGT is, please read "About WinGT..."
If you know WinGT and you would like to get the latest official version of it, please go to the page "Where to get WinGT...".
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If you want more information about WinGT you could send a mail to the support. Please use one of the email addresses below.

How could i acquire WinBox or WinGT?

WinBox and WinGT could be acquired (among other products) online from TIE-Media. Ordered products will be sent to you as fast as possible. TIE-Media could be reached by snail mail or fax too:

TIE-Multimedia GmbH
Tillystr. 2
D-90513 Zirndorf

Tel. +49-911-379982
Fax +49-911-379987

Any questions?

You could reach us by EMail or by telephone or telefax. Please call only between 17.00 and 21.00 GMT!!!

Gerd Mitländer (author of WinGT/WinBox, support and registration), Phone +49-911-3780256, Fax +49-911-3780366

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