How to use a beta version?

If you really want to use a beta version of WinGT you have to
Download the desired version... 
Make a backup of your WinGT directory with subdirectories. 
Start the downloaded executable. Follow the shown instructions and start the setup by pressing Setup.
After the decompression is completed, a setup program will be started.
Change the suggested path to your installation path of WinGT/WinBox and choose install.
run the beta version... (That's all... ;-) )

The differences between the latest official and beta version...

The executable, containing the beta version, contains a file named CHANGES.TXT. This file lists all changes starting with version 3.0.

The latest beta versions...

The following archive files contains the latest beta of WinGT/WinBox (27. Jul. 2000).
WinBox 3.19 Beta (size 1.159.168 bytes)
WinGT 3.19 Beta (size  1.208.496 bytes)

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