WWW and FTP Sites where WinGT and WinBox could be found

All shown www or ftp sites have a ham radio area, where you could find a current or (in some cases) a older version of WinGT or WinBox. This page is updated periodically and if you what to include your ftp site here, please send a mail to Gerd Mitländer.

List of WWW or FTP sites...

The following list of www and ftp servers is not a complete list. If you can't get the latest version there, you've to use a archie and look for WGT1xx.ZIP (the xx is the sub version number, e.g. WGT160.ZIP for WinGT 1.60).
ftp.leo.org (this link is to the www page)
 DD6VDs ham radio homepage

Download the latest version from my ftp space...

WinBox and WinGT 3.02 Voice consists of three disk. The first is different for each version and the other two are the same for the both versions. So you need do download disk 2 and disk 3 only once!

All files are self extracting exe file for windows 3.1x and above. As decompression path A:\ is suggested, but you can choose any other directory e.g. your TEMP directory.

After the decompression of all disks the program INSTALL.EXE must be run. This file is located on disk 1 or your decompression directory.
Nach dem Entpacken aller drei Disketten, muß auf Diskette 1 das Programm INSTALL.EXE gestartet werden. Falls in ein Verzeichnis installiert wurde, bitte von dort INSTALL.EXE starten.
Disk 1 WinGT/AFU 3.02 Voice (ham radio version) 1.248.612 bytes
Disk 1 WinBox 3.02 Voice (citizen band radio version) 1.248.900 bytes
Disk 2 for both versions 786.027 bytes
Disk 3 for both versions 1.046.370 bytes

Changes from WinGT/WinBox 3.0 to 3.02

Changes done 1997/12/25

Changes done 1998/01/03

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