About WinGT and WinBox...

What is WinGT/WinBox?

WinGT is a packet radio terminal program for windows 3.1x and above. WinGT is very common in germany and some other european countries. Due to the language files WinGT is able to support YOUR language too. You (or a other person) only have to translate the two language files and WinGT will work and respond in your language!

WinBox is a modified version of WinGT for citizen band radio usuage. The modification is a selectable call check. Therefore any call structure is possible!

What is required to run WinGT/WinBox?

WinGT or WinBox requires
a tnc with wa8ded firmware. (Or a tnc with kiss mode and tfpcx286 as kiss <-> wa8ded "translator") 
a tnc 3 with TURBOFIRMWARE
a 486 DX or above. 
a minimum of 8 MB ram and 5 MB hard disk space. 
a 16 bit sound card for voice qsos.

For a good performance a 486DX/2 66, a windows accelerator graphic card and 16 MB ram are recommented.

What are the features of WinGT/WinBox?

WinGT and WinBox offers so much features that i could include only some of them at my "listing":
Installation program supports quick and easy installation. 
A configuration program is supplied for easy and fast adjustments of your program settings. 
Digital voice qsos over packet. 
Digital voice mails over mailbox systems. (voice is send as #BIN#). 
Build in dx cluster spy. Catches output of dx clusters and shows country, distance and direction. The dx is announced by speech! 
Many remotes like //RTT, //ECHO, //RPRG, //COMP and so on. 
Build in (personal) mailbox. S&F with f6fbb protocol is supported. 
Build in convers channel. Don't type your text twice. Just switch all your (connected) friend to the convers channel. 
Build in node. 
Build in spy function. Take advantage of the downloads and qsos of other users. Just activate the mailscan, 7plus and #bin# cut feature.
MD2 and MD5 password generation function for WinGT, DP and F6FBB mailboxes.
online encryption with DES.
"dos emulation" for mailbox maintainance. Download your bbs configuration files, modify the files and upload the files again.
"multitasking" concept under Windows 3.1x. Each tnc has it's own controlling program. The tnc controlling programs are controlled by WinGT/WinBox. So it's like one main task and a "thread" for each tnc.

Are there different versions of WinGT and WinBox?

There are two different versions. One of them is WinGT for amateur radio usuage and the other is WinBox for citizen band usuage. There are no further different versions.

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